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WESNews Broadcasts

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Here you can find all of the Broadcasts of WESNews for the current school year.  Weekly broadcasts will be uploaded each FRIDAY.  Just click on the date you'd like to view and then on the "Download" tab on the screen it takes you to.  If you'd like to save a copy, right click on the tab and choose "Save As" instead.  Enjoy watching our Westchester Stars!



September 21.mp4

September 28.mp4

October 5.mp4

October 18.mp4

October 26.mp4

November 2.mp4

November 9.mp4

November 16.mp4

November 29.mp4

December 14.mp4

December 21.mp4

January 11.mp4

January 18.mp4

January 25.mp4 

February 8.mp4

March 4.mp4

March 8.mp4

March 15.mp4

March 22.mp4






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Alina A - Host                      




           Ryan P - Sound

Emma B - Host                                 Keynan J - Teleprompter

Erin L - Weather                               Kyle W - Telecaster

Ryan B - What's Going On?             Ashton O -  Cameraman

Bianca H - Pledger Helper               

Matt O - Director

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